Synchronize booking.com calendar with airbnb calendar not fetching



We synchronized our booking.com calendar with airbnb reservation calendar, and everything seems fine! but it's not refreshing!! meaning it's not fetching at all! I thought I can wait for a day or so, it might be fetched during that time.. but nothing had happened! can anyone help please?




ISH, Atithya H…

Hi Fiona, U must fully copy the script and then paste it. You can also scroll left and right using keys of your computer.


This is absolutely nuts! How can this issue still be unresolved? I see that many people are changing Airbnb insta-book off as a result to avoid double bookings, maybe that's why booking.com doesn't seem to care.

ISH, Atithya H…

Usually fetching takes 10 minutes. As I have advised earlier create Google calendar (just 1 calendar) for all properties and once you update it, then all calendars will be updated. From Google, you can export. It is not necessary to import. This will solve problem. Thanks


ISH, can you please explain step by step how to do this? This is what I think you are saying, please correct me if I am wrong.

1) Create a new separate Google calendar for each listing-- so is this importing both Airbnb and Booking into one google calendar for each property?

2) Export the Google calendar into Airbnb

Is this correct?

ISH, Atithya H…

Hi Kristinanson, process is very simple.

1. create Gmail account.

2. Go to Google Calendar via APP.

3. Please create your booking calendars for every property. Use different colors for each property. I do not think there should be a problem till here.

4. For each property, go to setting >> Public address in Ical format >>> https://calendar.google.com/ .ics.

5. This is ical calendar which you should EXPORT and paste in ical Calendar of Booking.com or airbnb. It means that you are exporting Gmail calendar to airbnb and booking.com or other calendars. You can not import any calendar into Gmail calendar. It could be but I do not know.

6. Once you get booking in airbnb or through any portals, please block dates on your Google calendar. I have pasted the calendar. Block dates will appear as blocked dates in other calendars too. Please refresh Google calendar and also, airbnb & other calendars. Manually you need to check.

Hope it will work. Warm regards



I've got this message today on Pulse app.

"Dear partner,

We're excited to introduce our latest feature improvement on your calendar connection.

New status overview
· We've added an overview for you to see the sync status of all your calendar connections. You'll be able to see the last synced time and connection status etc.

Connection setup improved
· Setting up a calendar connection is easier and more straightforward. Follow the steps and you can set up a new connection in just a few minutes.

You don't need to do anything with your existing connections. To access your connection status overview, go to Sync calendar page in the Calendar & pricing section in the extranet.

Need help? You can always refer to our step-by-step guide for more details.

Kind regards,

The Booking.com team"

I can't see any changes. Am I blind or what?


Any solution to this problem yet?

TripAdvisor won't sync booking.com iCal automatically.  Everytime I open my TripAdvisor calendar it says click here, here, here and here during which it manually sync all my booking.com iCal.  Which of course means guests will instant double book whenever the tripAdvisor calendar gets out of sync between manual sync.  Seems like the booking.com iCal format is goofy requiring manual sync in tripAdvisor ?

ISH, Atithya H…

Hi Mohameed, 6 months ago I have suggested as follows.quote

"I am also doing in the same manner. Also, I suggest you to go to the CALENDAR Link in your google account (Gmail account).

Please create single or multiple calendars based on the number of properties. Copy ICAL link and paste into your airbnb or booking.com calendars. It means that you are exporting google calendar and importing into airbnb or booking.com calendars. Now synchronize it.

Once synchronized booking.com calendar booked date will be changed to the RED color. It works. This will give you guarantee. You can use Google link anywhere but best to my knowledge one cannot import other calendars to GOGGLE. Thanks"


If you are fine to pay 5$ per listing, then try Effective Tours channel manager. Instant sync between Airbnb, Booking and Expedia.

ISH, Atithya H…

If it does not synchronize than best thing would be to mark calendars manually both on airbnb and booking.com .

Also, there is one more way to create a calendar of your bookings on Google. It will be only one (1) calendar but for each property. You can use different colors. Export ical of Google (it is .ics file). It means copy and paste link in your both airbnb and Booking.com calendars. You can test it. In my case it works. Thanks

Aaltje B.

Hi Alhameli

I also work with Airbnb. 

But I didn't allow for instant book. 

Future guests have to request for their stay / days. 

For me that works perfectly fine. I can't say I have less bookings with A. then I can realisticly expect. 

no need for syncing. Just add  it in the BDC calendar and off you go. This works best for me. 


Hope this helps. 



Aaltje B.  

ISH, Atithya H…


1. I suggest you to create Google calendar for your reservations for each property. It will be just one (1) calendar. Then please synchronize it manually. You can add other calendars too. It will work.

2. Please also check if your ICS file (which you are pasting for calendars synchronization) is complete.

3. There is nothing else.


M Adamopoulou

Thanks for details about Google calendar...

I will give it a try...


ISH, Atithya H…

Flona has also posted. This is also a problem. 

"It turns out that when you select the contents of the dialog box that contains the iCal URL on the Airbnb site, you're only selecting the visible text. There is however additional text to the right that you can't see and which isn't selected. This means you're only copying part of the URL. To select the full URL you have to click in the box and then drag the cursor to the right, which will reveal the rest of the link. You can then select all of it by clicking and dragging all the way to the left.

If you select, copy and paste the full URL into Booking.com, it works right away. Yay!


Ivan Blažević

That's not problem that I have. I'm not able to select text partially. In my case the whole link is visible and I select the whole link, but the answer is same.