Synchronize Calendars with external Website


Since I have a website with a booking platform, I want to sync booking.com calendar with my website booking platform calendar. But I realized that at Rates & Availability there is no such option for calendar sync. It shows me only a simple calendar of my rooms.

I need help!

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Under Calendar and Pricing, click Calendar - below the calendar you should see a button for Manage Calendar Connection

Also under Calendar and Pricing you should see a link to Sync Calendars - it is the same thing

Be aware, there are a lot of problems with Booking.com calendar sync ....

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Thanks for the reply! That's the problem because I don't see that button :( 

I wonder if my hotel is eligible to use this feature.

Here are 2 screenshots..  Any idea where it might be?

Admin panel

Hotel Restorant Dreri Admin 1

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I used to have Rates and Availability on one of my properties - it changed to Calendar and Pricing. Send a message to Booking.com and ask them how to sync the calendars.