Target or exclude countries/regions for promos

This subject has been touched on in the past but I'm digging it up again.

I for one would really like to have the ability to target/exclude countries or regions on promotional offers.

The current Covid thing is a great example where our resident country makes visa requirements more difficult to certain countries.

It makes sense for us to offer incentive to these effected countries that are still able to travel without effecting our margin on all bookings from all areas. It's an extreme example granted. There are many less radical reasons why such targeting is very attractive.

There is also the flipside where you may wish to exclude certain countries from unnecessary discounts. In extreme cases there may be countries you do not want to offer any promotions to because the clientele from there are consistently disruptive.

At this point I will point out that BDC is the only OTA ( that I use ) that do no not provide this facility.

Does anyone agree with this? If yes please use your voice here.


That would be almost too good to be true. :))


One solution could be to activate "Country rates", set higher basic rate and for example set 20-30% discount only to preffered countries :D


I would probably exclude promos for Middle East, India and Israel (based on having most negative experience with them comparing to others in the past years). :)   




That would certainly work for the BDC format but would take a little research to see if it is fully compatible with the promo discounts on the other sites, otherwise price quality could be effected and the hastle that brings. It would make parity more complicated.

We currently do short bursts on the other platforms, BDC's BOTs have not spotted one, yet!!!

In fact the BOTs seem to find mainly tiny rate differences that are caused by 2way or 2 step currency exchange, which is unnecessary and inaccurate.


Just checked rate comparisment and it dropped to a solid 38 (price quality score). Expedia, hotels.com, Ebookers are mainly showing 1€ lower rates on the comparisment engines although I am sending same rates through channel manager. 


Do you host on Expedia? I guess I will have to put higher rate on Expedia again, but as I remember in the past that didn't help much. 




It's a real suck n see thing, I ignore the tiny differences as there isn't realistically anything you can do about it due the way the exchange rate is done, as stated previously.

I think we had a conversation a while back where I was moaning about my price-quality being driven down by certain factors, mainly Agoda.

Using a big stick I've got the score back from less than yours to a very exquisite 97. However, I've just had another fiddle with rates and promos which always upsets the cart, watch that score fall! It'll take a few adjustments to get it back on course....

Expedia? Yes! My top performing OTA, most especially Hotels.com. As they all price match it's very difficult to balance things out when the equasion/exchange system AND length of history are all geared against you.

M Adamopoulou

Too good to be true!!!

 I agree with you guys...

Hope BDC can make changes...

Wish you well.