Taxes & VAT (France)


I just received an email from Booking asking me to enter my VAT number.

As a private individual, I am not subject to VAT and I do not have a number. In the extranet, I do not have the possibility to indicate it.

Do you know how to do it?


Daniel Mascaras

The same here : no VAT number in France for a private individual.

How can I indicate this to booking ?



Carole shales

The same here, and I'm guessing for many, any suggestions as to how to inform booking.com that our answer to their question is No?

Damien Mourgue


The "Trésor public" has confirmed to me that non-professional furnished rental companies are not subject to VAT.

I'll try to contact Booking.

Marc Popiolek

Has anyone resolved this issue? There needs to be an option in the Extranet for French properties which do not have a VAT registration.



Yes the solution is very simple...


You ignore it, at least until they add an extra scenario to the form.

() not applicable,  does not apply to me.

They now know they have to anyway after the avalanche of messages and posts.


It's a very simple design, if your private host or not running a full time business, so you don't meet the local requirements nor threshold for vat, then you cant apply.

Therefore you are exempt from this and can ignore it, its literally that simple.