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terminated contract by booking and NO- Support !!! Bad expirience!!!

from the moment I received a notice of termination of the contract in May (after 10 years of cooperation!!!!) I am unsuccessfully trying to get at least any official information about the reason for the termination.

The support does not respond to calls and the regional manager, who cannot be reached by several days, after qustion about solution -  just says I don’t know, maybe next year and these during the start of the season...

And this is so unprofessional, several requests have been written and they are not answered or they write that they are redirected ... to whom? Regional manager? He is not interested in communicating, I’m sure if we were a chain hotel - the conversation would be immediately and the ways of solving problems would be immediately found.

Hostal Orsi

frustrating is - that after 10 years of cooperation,  no one wants to talk to you or try to find solution!!!

after several days of trying to get through via support in Germany, Spain, England, Russia , they all forwarded messages to  the regional manager - which is always busy and doesnt has actual information...and after week of asking  says between words - we will not renew the contract,  we have so many people who want to connect their objects to us now....

Nobody from booking seems to be  interested in people working with them more 10 year , not intersted support,  not interested in business.... such dissappoiment!!!

And mostly frustrated, what all as Booking as well hosts has last year the difficult as never....more loyaloty, more helpful....but NOT!!!