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Text to add to our photo's matching with what we have to offer.

I just had a completely satisfied and happy guest leave the property. 

But one question comes in mind, and wonder who thinks the same:

I miss having the opportunity to add words/text to my photo's that completely describe what the photo is about. 

The current tags just don't offer that.

It would be a huge upgrade if we could offer that to us hosts. 

Why: it will help to better match what prospective guests are looking for. 

I just realised with my happy guests leaving that this holiday destination gave her exactly what she was looking for 

Wouldn't it be great if there is an easy way of adding our own words to photo's that are displayed about our property or the rooms in the webpage?

We know exactly what words are needed. Not the standard words. 

Nowadays most people not speaking our language have special computers that can translate. There are no more barriers when it comes to that. 

I am looking forward to see that changed. What do you think?


Aaltje B.

This has been a frustration for me since the start of setting up my page with

I sincerely hope for an upgrade :)

Aaltje B.

It so "locks-in" with the great guest experience topic too.

Aaltje B.

Homegrown - Organic - Seasonal - Fresh Free Breakfast or part of the desert - no added sugar -

whatever it is, it looks extremely healthy and delicious! And great photo too by the way.

Greetings, Aaltje.