Is there a way to have different inchecktimes on different days?

Is there a way we can have different inchecktimes on different dates? 

Normally we have the check in at our restaurant, but its closed on sunday's en monday's. So check in is very difficult, we sometimes wait all day for people to come. We always ask them to tell us their time of arrival, but only few response :(


Aaltje B.

If someone books, you get an email address under the reservation list. If you put your request in to people with your desired check-in time and ask them if that is ok with them, then they should answer, but do it as soon as possible after the booking.

Other option is : Take a photo of written check-in times and put this with your other photo's of your listing. Sure enough they look through your pictures to see what you have to offer, before they book..

For instance, I took a photo of the guests' bed's mattress, that is FIRM. I wrote these letters on the bed on the photo,so everyone can see. Most people understand.

Hope this helps.


Aaltje B.