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Tiny tips how to make you and your guests happy!!!

Hi everyone!

On Dec 27th vaccination started in Greece giving hope to people for a brighter future.

Traveling again is a dream that vaccine promises to travelers...

Being under lockdown for almost a year people are making plans for their summer holidays....

2021 is a more promising year and we must be optimistic that traveling will start rolling again bringing people  together...

Corona has been an awful situation for all of us but it reminded us to

be grateful for the small things...


Don't forget that tiny tips can make both hosts and guests happy...


  1. Meet and greet them with a beautiful smile!!!
  2. Wear your mask to show you care about their safety!!!
  3. Keep your door wide open to your guests!!!
  4. Offer them a home made lemonade!!!
  5. Make them feel at home!!!
  6. Reassurance them that you are available at any time they might need you!!!
  7. Ask them if they need any further information about their stay!!!
  8. Make sure you have beautiful flowers everywhere!!!

Please share your thoughts and ideas...and may 2021 be a brighter year for all of us!!!


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M Adamopoulou 11 months ago

Thanks Zuri?

I tried to see your property in your profile but not possible...maybe you should update it?


Wish you well ?




Great Tips!!

I only follow 4 of these 8 points!

I will practice all of them next time!

Best Regards and thanks for sharing!

Jordi&Malvina Barcelona

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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Hi Jordi and welcome to the Partner Community…


Wish you all the best.

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M Adamopoulou 1 month ago

Hi Elaine and welcome to the Partner Community….


I wish you a great start and all the best.

Γιαννης Δημητρ… 1 month ago

Hi Maria and thank you for those nice tips. I am new in this community and i am trying to figure out some things to help me in a certain area. I am making some small houses and appartments for long term and short term holidays in Monemvasia Greece with excellent view. I have a question though. I would like to know what are the house and appartment sizes mostly preffered for that reason. Is it the one or two bedroom places, the suites? Just the one room appartments? Mostly families or couples? It will not be a hotel. It will be a luxury compound with houses, appartments with pools and big garden. Can anyone in this?

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.


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M Adamopoulou 1 month ago

Hi Yiannis and welcome to the Partner Community.


Monemvasia is a my favorite destination…I visit your magnificent place every year…

Monemvasia is the best romantic place in Peloponnesus…no wonder so many couples choose Monemvasia to get married…


I believe that Monemvasia is not a famous family vacation destination …


Wish you a great start and don’t forget to edit your profile and add your property…


Σας εύχομαι Καλές Γιορτες!!!









Γιαννης Δημητρ… 29 days ago

Dear Maria, thank you for your help and your prompt reply. Looking forward to invite you to our facilities when they are finished to enjoy your favorate vacation destination. And if you come up with an idea that could further help me with my previously asked question fell free to contact me. There is some time till final plans are executed.

Till next time

Θερμες ευχες για τις γιορτες και να εχουμε την υγεια μας. Και γρηγορα ξεμπερδεματα με αυτα που περναμε.