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Tip Tuesday #10: Adding availability to attract bookers!

Hi everyone, Aaron here with another tip for your Tuesday! 

There’s lots you can do to get ready for your destination’s recovery. But first thing’s first: You need availability to be bookable. 

Start with the calendar. Your property might have been ‘auto-closed’ if availability was reduced or removed during government imposed restrictions. In the current climate, customers might choose to book close to the arrival date, or really long in advance.  Our research shows that guests plan and book travel up to 16 months in advance. So don’t just open rooms for the short term, think about future dates as well. 

If you think of availability as ice cream, then policies are the toppings. Give customers the choice to book in advance and offer flexibility for those still deciding on their travel plans. A variety will lead to more chances of a booking, just like an ice cream sale! 

Managing your availability can also be done on-the-go with the Pulse app, or through your connectivity provider.

What are your top tips for availability? Inspire your fellow community members below




and  a Flexible Rate should be based on a Non Refundable Rate and cost more.



NR Rate nightly is 80euro, 

Add new Flexible Nightly rate as based on NR Nightly and costs x%  or xEURO more.


Rate Plans

  1. NR Nightly ; 3 Nights; 5 nights; 7 nights or more
  2. Flex Nightly Flex 3Nights ; Flex 5 Nights; Flex 7Nights+



M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry for this useful example.

Still no bookings only cancellations!!!


Isle of Wight …

Top tip for - fix your system, it has far too many bugs and problems, especially the calendar sync