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Tip Tuesday #11: How your photos can turn lookers into bookers!

Hey Everyone!

Colleen here with another Tip Tuesday for you!

Think of the last trip you booked and how important photos were in your decision? Let your photos capture and inspire guests to book. Photos can be a driving factor for guests when choosing a place to stay, here are some tips on how to take stunning photos.

  • Take photos of each room and shoot from corners to show as much of each space as possible.
  • Be sure to take photos of any unique property features. For example a nice view, a balcony, spa etc.
  • For clear, bright and inviting photos prepare the room by opening the curtains, create ambient lighting with lamps on and no wires showing.
  • Take photos of any in-room amenities such as tea and coffee facilities, minibar, robes, slippers etc.
  • To guests, bathrooms can reflect the cleanliness of a property in general so its imperative to have super clean and spotless photos.
  • Use landscape mode as this presents best on
  • High resolution photos display better (we suggest at least 2048 x 1080 pixels).
  • Take a minimum of 24 photos to give an overall sense of your property.

You can use the Pulse App to upload your photos in a few easy clicks! For more tips, you can check out our Photography Guide.  

Do you have any great tips on taking amazing photos? Share in the comments below!


Good article. 

I find that taking all photos at the same moment is good, inside at least, for the sane kind of lighting.