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Tip Tuesday #13:  Attract business travellers at no extra cost

Hi Everyone,  Account Advisor Tiffany here with another Tip Tuesday for you.

With limited travel in most countries, are you looking to bring in a new type of guest? Or perhaps try to get a few mid-week stays for your property? 

We’re seeing an increase in remote workers and business travellers looking for home-style accommodation such as apartments or holiday homes.  

Our Work-Friendly Programme is an easy way to promote your property to these types of travellers. There is no cost or discount required to join, and we’ll automatically enroll your property if it meets the eligibility criteria.

We’ll highlight your property in guest searches for work-friendly properties with a special badge, so these travellers can book with confidence. 

Make sure you add the required business amenities in your extranet, to get the most out of the programme.  

What have you tried to attract more remote workers since the pandemic?  Let other partners know in the comments below!



Yes I have a work friendly room and house.

Business Grade internet connection and WiFi with Enterprise security features.

Garden Walled so each user is exclusively on their own network and can easily VPN to their work approved network in a safe and secure way.

I have recently had some stay for the 2 week isolation period , and work remotely , before starting a new role or simply changing work office country.


Kind Regards


Nevena Veleva

Luxury hotels like ours can provide cosy boardrooms and some business travellers turn their stay into a remote office.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Tiffany,

My Studio is work friendly but due to coronavirus I have no reservations yet.

When will properties that are "work friendly" will be highlighted with the special badge.  I think special badges are a catch of the eye...

My property is eligible 100% and I have joined the programme but I dont see any special badge....

Hope this programme is a booster to  our bookings in these difficult times.

Thanks again for supporting us and wish you a wonderful weekend.



Account Adviso…

Hi M Adamopoulou, 


It's great to hear that your property is work-friendly! As with the special badge, this is not live yet. However when this does go live, you should receive communication. 


Kind regards, 

Tiffany Account Advisor