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Tip Tuesday #18: Work Friendly for Home - new eligibility requirements relaxed

Hey Everyone,

Last month we posted about reaching more business travellers at no extra cost. The pandemic has altered the way many of us work. A home office is quickly becoming the norm. Before I get into the changes, let’s quickly recap why business travellers are important.

New customers, no cost:

Business travellers usually book when leisure travellers don’t. On average, they’ll have 19% more weekday stays. That’s all year round. 

Be visible in more places:

On you’ll be filtered for work-friendly searches. But business travellers can also find you on trusted affiliate sites of   

So what are the changes?

We’ve relaxed requirements for the Work Friendly for Home. Properties that have a flexible rate with free cancellation up to 14 days (0-13 days) can now join too. To join the program, click hereNot all home-styled properties are able to offer a fully flexible rate but there are benefits for doing so. For those interested have a read of this page.

Have you signed up to the programme yet? Share your thoughts below!

M Adamopoulou

 Hi Aaron,

Yes, I have signed up to the programme.

 I thought that there would be a special badge in my property listing to catch the eye of the guests!!!

A “work-friendly” sign beside the listing would be more supportive I think.

Hope this program brings more reservations for the benefit of all...