Tip Tuesday #19: Attract more guests with Early Booker and Last Minute deals

Hi Everyone! It’s Tiffany here and I’m back with another Tip Tuesday.

Based on COVID-19 recovery patterns we identified in guest demand, we’ve designed deals that can be easily adapted to your particular situations and needs.

When setting the deals up, you can choose your own discounts, guest stay-dates and booking windows based on your business needs. You can even set up the deals to run for multiple weeks or months at a time. Depending on the criteria you set, they would be visible to guests during that period.

Let’s take a look at which deal may suit you better:

Early Booker - This will help you increase occupancy early in the season by attracting guests who book their travels well in advance.

Last Minute - This will help you increase occupancy throughout the season by attracting guests who are looking to book on short notice.

To set up your promotions, you can do this in the Promotions tab of the Extranet.

Have you set up your early booker and last minute deals?

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Tiffany for reminding us of these two promotions...

I like the Early Booker promotion...

The problem is that it stacks up with Genius program which means  a huge discount!!!

Wish you a wonderful day!