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Tips for Excellent Reviews!!!

Hello everyone,

All of my Genius guests have been excellent guests and have left me excellent reviews but my last Genius guests left me the most impressive review....

....”Upon arrival, the refrigerator was stocked with wine, beer, fruit juice, eggs, yogurt, water, butter, etc. coffee pods, biscuits, everything was there. We have never experienced this before.....”


In other posts I have mentioned that little things make the difference....

I guess this review proves it...

Extra amenities are appreciated by guests.  They are not the only things that gives excellent reviews but it certainly helps!!!

Little things make the difference!!!




Thanks for all of your posts! Are really useful.

How do you charge these small perks? I mean, it is a cost in your income statement.

Are you quantifying it and increasing your daily rates somehow?


Kind regards,


Miguel G.

Hosting since 2013 and Sync Rentals owner

M Adamopoulou

Hi Miguel,

No I do not charge anything....I believe guests do not like extra costs...

No I do not raise my rates...Greek hospitality runs in my veins!!!

It’s a pleasure when my guests have great moments at The Adam’s Studio in Oropos...this is what counts!!!

Please keep on posting your experience is valuable to us newbies.


Did you make profit by giving it free considering the cost of water & power charges.

M Adamopoulou



Of course I did…

Have met beautiful people and became friends…that’s my biggest profit…




Sergei - Commu…

Hello M Adamopoulou! Thanks for sharing another interesting tip with us. I'm going to feature your post.

michael beeston

Maria.............As always you are a pleasure to listen too. !!! It is NOT always the Money that counts BUt the enjoyment and personnel rewards you get from meeting guests who appreciate everything you do.WELL DONE and a lovely review............and last.....You ALWAYS SMILE. xx.

We have also received a few great reviews lately............Keep on coming !!!

M Adamopoulou


What a pleasure to hear from you and your kind comments!!!

You have been always an inspiration for me!!!

I am sure you will keep on getting excellent reviews!!!! You are a pro and hospitality is your favorite sport!!!

Thanks again  for inspiring us!!!

michael beeston

 Maria ...............

Rita is my FAVOURITE Sport..But haha thats another story,!!!!......Good Luck everyone for the coming months, we in Aussie are beginning our Spring and Summer ( we have 6 new bookings -a Wonderful start..lets hope it continues)

M Adamopoulou


Oh! Yes...Rita is unbeatable...but as you said that’s another story!!!

I am so happy for your good start...hope it continues like that...

Our summer is still here but eventually Winter is round the corner...

I also wish everyone that you coming months are full...full...

Casa Gordigian…

Unfortunately in Italy, or at least in my region, holiday homes cannot provide food or beverages to the guests. It's a mandatory rule. It would be great because I know that's higly appreciated and will make the difference.

The only things I leave my guests is salt, olive oil, sugar, tea and coffee duly sealed and packed.

I suppose the reason is differenciating our tipology of holiday structure to hotels, bed and breakfast and so on.


Annastacia Itatu

Hi, i provide water, tea leaves oil, salt sugar and tealeaves. a packet of rice sometimes. I have not seen clients commenting on it. I willl try to provide fruit juice, \biscuits and Milk because i do not keep alcohol.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Anastacia and welcome to the Partner Community.

Keep doing your best and guests will appreciate it very soon.

Wish you all the best.

Ian at Numurka…

isn't that called vote buying - fraud.,.?    LOL...

(no im not donald trump)   wink wink 

a free complimentry breakfast basket goes along way 

Ian at Numurka…

i think you have to have a liquor licence to give or sell alcohol in australia - i wont be giving my guests alcohol as i think its not a good idea  to induce guests to drink -  if something happens as a result of you giving them alcohol then you may get into some trouble.....depends which country your in

M Adamopoulou

As you said depends in what country you’re in....You certainly have a point...


Greek hospitality!!!

We don’t offer wine to our guests to get drunk but to welcome them to our home....most of them are aware of that and highly appreciate it.

Giving a bottle of home wine is always a pleasure!!!

Different countries....different cultures....


Lise Hutcheon

I leave fruit, sweets, books, magazines, biscuits etc and Nespresso machine etc. 


I’ll cook them dinner also but do charge for that. It’s an offer some appreciate.   

Haven’t yet offered wine.   


M Adamopoulou

Hi Lise and welcome to the Partner Community.


Very thoughtful of you to cook for your guests...home cooking meals are delicious and more healthy...


Thanks for sharing your experience...Don’t forget to edit your profile...add your property link...


Wish you a beautiful evening ?