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Tips & Tricks During Covid-19

We are so very thankful for the award! It warms our hearts, knowing that our hard work and effort has paid off.

Here in Limpopo, South Africa, we did our best to keep our space as "normal" as possible and still adhere to the health guidelines.

We registered as a place to stay for essential workers when our lockdown started end of March 2020 and although our number of bookings dropped, we continued our efforts.

We started a loyalty program for return guests & we aimed to improve our menu's.

We welcomed each guests with a huge smile, a warm heart and a pretty mask. We bumped elbows and touched toes instead of shaking hands or hugging.

Our rooms were disinfected and white, clean linen awaited our guests.

Turn-downs were extra special because we could spend a lot of time - fewer guests, more hours on hand - on it. Homemade biscuits, rusks, desserts ... We used our time constructively.

That would be our best tip - Use your time to the best of your ability, improve your recipes and do not be afraid to try something new.

Congratulations to everyone who stuck it out and good wishes for this year! 

Sergei - Commu…
1 year ago

Hello, Christie's Inn! Thank you for the helpful tips! 

K Nirmal Kumar… 1 year ago

India is tightening travel inbound and second wave has hit a few cities . Better to abide simple precautions.