Top Accommodation facilities!!!

Dear Partners,

A survey of global travellers by Blog revealed that Accommodation facilities that are most appreciated are:

1.      Free WIFI

2.      Free breakfast

3.      Free parking

4.      Private bathroom

5.      Free air-conditioning

6.      Room with a view

Leaving in a rural place we have no internet network.   All of our guests as soon as they arrived they wanted access to WIFI...

Everytime we had to explain to them that our region has no internet network but we could share our personal data with them if they needed to search for something....

Understanding how important WIFI is these days, we finally found a solution to provide free WIFI....

When in holidays, I personally prefer not to have even my mobile phone with me... I guess I am a minority...

How did we survive so many years with out it?

But is WIFI  the top of facilities???


Thanks for the info.  It is very interesting.

I totally understand what you are saying.  It is great when away on holiday to be free of technology.  But the majority of people are posting on facebook, making bookings, contacting family, etc, etc, particularly when travelling with teenage children. 

You will never win the Wi-fi issue because I have Fibre installed and still sometimes people complain it is too slow.  I think if the networks reduced their charges, when people are overseas, it wouldn't be such a problem because they could use their own data.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks for your kind words.

I totally understand why people need to have WIFI everywhere...I have two children and a granddaughter and I fully understand their needs...that’s why although WIFI is very expensive due to the reason that our area has no telephone network we decided to provide it.

Last year some partners suggested to cut off WIFI in their properties...at least during lunch, dinner...but as you said you will never win WIFI...

Thanks again for posting.

Don Burns

Yes, WiFi is a MUST for guests.


Travelers are addicted to their smart phones and iPads when they are away from home:

  • Checking their bank account and transferring money online while traveling.
  • Updating their friends and family with photos of their trip.
  • Searching online for local restaurants and shops.
  • Purchasing transportation (bus, train, boat) and museum tickets online for their next day's sightseeing.
  • Live-streaming movies, TV shows and news reports in their own language for added entertainment in their guestroom.


M Adamopoulou

I guess we are all addicted to technology....since everything can be accessed in internet...

It’s a shame though because we might be loosing precious moments...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Isle of Wight …

I have a business (or rather, 2 businesses), so if I go away, I want internet access. I won't be on the computer all day while I'm on holiday, but I will need to check in morning, afternoon and evening. The rest of the time, I'll enjoy my holiday!

M Adamopoulou

Yes, I understand Isle.

Business man have to check on their business even when on holidays.

Even in the summertime  people take their laptops with them in the beach bars.


Debbie Jacobs-Amoo

Yes WiFi is a must as most people work on the go. I am in the process of setting up another property and WiFi isn’t great in the area so I was thinking of starting with a mobile data dongle

M Adamopoulou


I live in a country village only 50 klm away from Athens, but our area has no internet connection.  Now I found an expensive way to have Wifi connection.

I used to have a modile data dongle... some of my guests didnt really mind... they preffered not having Wifi....after all holidays means to be away from everyday routine....

Wish you well.

Julia C


M Adamopoulou, I have heard this year with my ears that European Union has a huge project (already started) meant to give free Wi-Fi internet access for everybody. Greece is in the middle of this project. So I am sure you will have soon more internet than you wish. On the other side, there is a new fashion of having a quiet holiday and keeping quiet zones. So you have to decide if you want to have many average clients with Internet needs, or to promote your "quiet place" as it is for a niche of different travelers... I feel a huge digitization is coming, maybe you have an advantage... Still, being near Athens, I feel you have to do something for having a connection, in any case, maybe a secret wired one for emergencies. It is your choice.


I think it is also important to know what other facilities are helpful. My guests love the free good breakfast. they write about it in reviews and some of them say its their reason for coming...


M Adamopoulou

I agree Neri ...

Free breakfast is certainly appreciated by guests.

Thanks for sharing...


I agree that all these main facilities are very important to the guests. What I an interested to know is about the small touches, the things that people do or provide for their guests that make the properties really special.


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Neri,

Small touches are very nice and guests love them.

A welcome basket when my guests arrive with local goodies... and sweets for children.

In all my rooms I have beautiful flowers from my garden...roses in the dining and living room, lavender in the bedroom,  all kind of herbs in my kitchen, which can be used also for cooking...green plants in the bathroom....and a money tree in my entrance...

Many amenities in my bathrooom even for small children...like toothbrushes and toothpastes....

Fridge and cupboards are full of small surprises for my guests....home made marmelades, home made lemonade, virgin olive oil, home made ice cream....

A small farewell gift  with products from my garden such as walnuts,  herbs, oil, olives...

These are  few small touches that my guests appreciate....



Marién Rubio

We have instaled a Google Home Mini. It serves to get more out of the Wi-Fi, and a new aentertainment for guests. 

We also use it as an interpreter when the guests cannot speak Spanish or English. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Marien and welcome to the Partner Community.

The Google Home Mini  is a very nice device...I like the idea of the translator...

Thanks for sharing...

Julia C

Not all the people will appreciate Google Home Mini if it is used in a private space like a bedroom :) Privacy is another greatly appreciated word in our new reality.

Paige Nguyen

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