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Topic owner Edit Button no longer available


Topic Owner - Edit Button or Link appears to be gone


I need to revise and replace some of my guides , in particular this one since the UI/UX in Extranet has now changed in recent days.


Looking to see if this is just a temp glitch or on purpose?





' a screenshot of a whitespace'  ./facepalm lol



The issue is I cannot see EDIT as an option, when returning to a post I am the creator of.


So I cant update previous , e.g. Guides etc


I can pick at random both recent and older  posts and there is no option to EDIT.


Steps to recreate


  • Go to one's profile page,
  • Click on Posts
  • Now pick a post or a page and open it.
  • The EDIT navigation bar was located either above or below the Post Title area.


I have just now repeated these steps and as expected the EDIT navigation is missing.


M Adamopoulou   when  you have a moment can you try the steps and see do you have an edit option on one of your previous Posts you created, thanks


And then let us know here.



M Adamopoulou


You are right....edit button is missing..

In my last post I tried to edit it but couldn’t find the edit button...I thought that I was not seeing it...


Thanks for asking...

Hope BDC can fix it.

M Adamopoulou

Edit button is missing...maybe it's hidden somewhere together with my stars and diamonds!!!

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei for feedback...

Hope it doesn't take too long...


I would also want to mention that when I try to edit a comment...something weird happens...


When I start writing I cannot see the sentence I am writing...