Is the Track and Trace QR sign necessary

As a self contained one bed flat owner, Is it necessary to sign up for the Track and Trace QR sign or can I just keep the name and address from the booking details which Booking.com collect?

if I do need to sign up for the Track and Trace do I also need to register with data protection?  



Hi Caroline Mills


I assuming you are refering to the individual Trace and Trace system, so to answer your question, yes you yourself should but no its optional for you to do your own, if you are providing a poster for others to scan , install app and be traceable.


Its entirely up to you. 


 On GDPR / DP I see where this is going so I will say , keep it all in a digital system not paper.

e.g. a spreadsheet on your google/gmail account  ( or microsoft office account etc).


or even a notepad on your phone or tablet.


Just make sure the info is secure, a password no shorter than the golden password length of 16.


Once the data is more than 12 months old destroy it.


and the final part is to document how you store the data, and the procedure you follow for it, in case you later get asked.


That is essentially how GDPR requirements work.


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