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Traveller Review Award 2020

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I got my excellent 2020 Award!!! If you want to get yours have a look at the following link!!!

Wish you all the best!!!

Aaltje B.

Up 0.2,  a bit strange since my listing shows a higher number for this year. But really this is not a big worry for me. 

I'm pretty happy with my score. 

It is a fine line, to put in the extra's (time, money) but not that much that it lowers my income. All a matter of demand as well. 

Let hope for a good influx of guests this summer. 



Aaltje B. 


M Adamopoulou

Maybe you should send a message request through your Extranet inbox directly to BDC asking to explain why there is a difference in scoring...

Wish you all the best for the coming summer.