tricky check in

Hello I need help or advice. Im kind of new here and I dont know where to ask for the help booking.com.

But I would also like an advice.

Check in is at 11am or after, after I do have flexible time so I can wait for the guests any time. The trick is now with one guest, my mistake I didnt read it very well. The thing is, this guest put reservation lets say on 02,04, and will arrive at 1-2 am. But I do have guest in that room and the check out is at 10am.

here is his msg:

In fact the plane arrive on wednesday the ???????? we' ll come directly from the airport to rooms Venezia at 1-2 am on the 04 of April.
Should we reserve for the night between the 3d and the 4th of April? In the reservation document it is noted check in from 0am-0am possible.

my reply;
I would let you decide what is best for you.
Check out is at 10am and check in is at 11am. For the check in we can always arrange hour, but check out is at 10am.

And today when I checked my reservations I saw, that actually he will arrive, but the room will be occupated..

So I write him message:

Im sorry but now I see that you booked reservation from 04 of April and that you will arrive 1-2 am. But in that time your room will be occupated because check out is at 10am.
Yes, I do have flexible check in which is at or after 11am and after that hour I am willing to wait for the guests any time, but check out is at 10am.
So in your case I can offer you other room and the cost for late check in will be 15eu.

If you are ok with this let me know, if not you can cancel your reservation and I will refund you in full.

Let me know how did you decide.


I feel that this was a tricky reservation and I didnt pay enough attention on it.

I blame myself because I didnt pay good attention.

So what do you think? What should I do? Is it really me to blame in full?

I would like to know your opinion.






Hi Natasha ,so long as you actually explained it as above then no its entirely their own fault.


All you can really do is addit to the auto message for new reservations; also add photo with text showing it and add t othe fine print section.