Trying to re-set room night restrictions

I can't believe the booking.com have not sorted this problem out!  It seems that every year, as of Jan 1 they drop all room type night restrictions allowing guests to book single Saturday nights.  I wait for days for them to get back to me, meanwhile, guests keep booking single nights - because I have no idea that they have this massive hole in their system and which it appears that I need to fix on their behalf.

They don't eliminate my 3 night min rooms, they just allow anyone to book them for single nights!!

I have tried to find how to fix this as they were NOT at all helpful when I called this week and still the problem is not resolved.

Does anyone know how to fix this?



I must say that I have never experienced this issue!

Be careful that you do not have a special promotion running as the standard room restrictions are overwritten in this case.

Pam Hallifax

Thanks for responding. As it turns out, booking.com had never given me access to room restrictions! It then took a few goes before the access remained - a gremlin no doubt.

Still unsure how it happened that I had no control / no rights.