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Tuesday Tip #14: Pulse - Managing your property on the go!

Hi everyone,

Our phones play a major role in our lives. It’s how we communicate, pay for goods and services and sometimes organise entire days. That’s because it’s often easier and more efficient to complete these tasks with one. 

In the current climate, you might be stretched, trying to complete multiple jobs at once. Using our Pulse App can make it easier to run your business on the go.

Responding to Guest Messages

Does sitting down at your computer and responding to each guest seem a bit overwhelming? What if you could make a cup of coffee, fold some linen and reply to those incoming arrivals? Pulse can do that! 

Managing Availability

Now more than ever it’s important to ensure you have as much availability loaded for when bookers return. On Pulse, it’s just 4 simple steps to update your calendar. 

Notifications Galore 

Pulse will keep you updated on changes too! You’ll always be notified of new bookings and cancellations even when you can’t get to the desk. 

If you haven’t already, download the Pulse App here. For our seasoned users out there, how has the app made running your business easier? Share below!



Also bear in mind not every partner even owns a smart phone.


I would also point out they could in theory use a tablet instead. just no sms unless they get a SIM enabled tablet, which are not as common as you might think. Mainly WIFi tablets only.



M Adamopoulou

Aaron, I almost do everything in Pulse...

Pulse App is amazing for me!!!

Even when I am at home I am too lazy to open my computer...

Having everything in pulse in my is a just a game once you learn how to play it...

Take care!!!