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Turn off the function of last minute booking

Dear Sir or Madam,


Please advise if there is any method to turn off the last minute bookings, for example at least 1 day ago to book the reservation settings and etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you,

Best regards,

Chin Chin

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Chin Chin and welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Extranet Promotions tab you can deactivate this Promotion.

Also in your Calendar in the list view in the left hand side under your rates open the small drop down window....”min. advance reservation” there you can make your changes.

Wish this helps you....

Juan Carlos Garcia

Please , I also had the same issue today and could not turn off anywhere the last minute booking option. Please if someone can give me clear instructions to turn it off. No way to turn it off as Asamopoulou suggested. No option for last minute booking. thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi Juan,

If you do not see "min. advance reservation"  in your Calendar...then you have to message to add it to your Calendar...

You can add this restriction to your calendar and select how many hours/days you want notice so partners dont show last minute at your door.

Hope this helps a little...