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two-storey apartment?

Good day,

I just had a guest who couldn't climb stairs, and now it is not clear that my apartment has two floors with a staircase.

So please where can I select that: - there is a staircase - that there are two floors - it is not suitable for people with a physical disability

I know it is a lot, but one of the properties above prevents a lot of disappointments

Thanks in advance



Hi van der Klei


All of this already exists in the Property menu on extranet.


 Specifically, location of room, if it is ground or upper floor , if stairs required etc.


Note no matter how much info you set they still will just skim read and miss such details.


Kind Regards

van der Klei


Thank you for your help. I tried to find the stairs required option but could not find it. Can you please be more specific about the location within the menu?

I already found: Property layout - Apartment location - Floor level:  

Kind regards,



hi, sorry i cant as I only have the normal view and not apartment layout view. which is slightly different but should have alot of the same features.