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Unable to send messages to Guest Post depature



So I normally wait a week or so for departures to be sent a friendly reminder to leave a rating and optional contructive feedback comments..



I just noticed its not working instead I see a error 'something went wrong , please try again'. It is happening in both mobile ap and website. This would suggest its a intentional feature and not an error.


So I'm looking for a workaround or fix, as I need to be able to send reminders, as too many do not leave rating, which then leads to Preferred Partner rating ripple effect and other rating issues as a result.


Kind Regards




Community Admin

Hi Barry Reilly  ! Thanks for posting in the Community! It is possible to contact the guest via Extranet Inbox until 7 days after checkout. After that you will not be able to initiate the conversation with guests. Please send your reminder to guest within this period. 

Good luck!