unavailability between 2 booking

How to add a day of unavailability between 2 booking to clean-up the accomodation?

Thank you.

Aaltje B.

I thought it was easy to find in rates and availability but can't see it either. Ask via inbox in a message to Bdc.

It will be very handy to have one day off after people have stayed and there is less stress to get it all finished in time.

Airbnb has a very easy system for it and you can adjust the settings accordingly.

Hope Bdc are going to offer the same. It will help attract more potential hosts to be part of Bdc.

Good luck,


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Hello guys!!
You have to ask BDC to add to your listing option no departures no arrival and then you can set up.
Keep well...

M Adamopoulou

Hey guys again!!!

I send a message request earlier for BDC to add in my calendar the option no departures/no arrival and in no time they did.

Hope this helps....