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Understanding rate plans

I don't understand rate plans and am looking for simple explanations. I have set up different prices and length of stays in my calendar. Does a rate plan alter these? I merely want to add a percentage for flexible cancellation. I can see where to do it but don't understand all the options e.g. what it calls my standard rate plan of £90 a night. Will saving this change all my prices to £90? 

Thank you

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Hi Wendy 


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.

 A Rate plan is only a set of criteria.

  • Flexible /Non Refundable.
  • Minimum Stay = x
  • Meals included = y/n.
  • Linked to a Room Type or all room types. (useful for Genius to be only one type).


Rate plan 1  = NR-2N  (base plan all others are based upon)

  • Type: non refundable
  • Min : 2 nights
  • No meals,
  • Linked to all Room Types
  • Cost  Nightly is 70euro



Rate plan 2 ( flexible and costs 20% more than Rate plan 1)

  • Type: Flexible
  • Min : 2 nights
  • No meals,
  • Linked to all Room Types
  • Cost : Based on Rate plan 1  (NR 2N) + 20%


so base everything on the Rate Plan 1 (NR-2N)



use Calendar - List View to make adhoc changes, restrictions.


Digest my guide on Availability as it costs everything you need to know as a base line.

Managing Availability by BrookAve




Kind Regards,

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