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An unsatisfied guest

Hi I had a booking for today and the guest left saying it is not like the photos at all. He wants his deposit back. This has never happened to me before so I am unsure if I refund him the deposit or not?

I am very sad that someone is accusing me of false advertising.   

please contact me about what to do.

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How old are the listing photos?


 Or when did you last update them?


You still have not added your listing link to your profile for us to view.


Post a few recent photos of the same scenes,  for comparison.


Assuming there's no fundamental major differences, same features, and functionality,  then guest is not entitled to a refund.


A refund of the stay if prepaid.


If nothing prepaid keep deposit. 


If prepaid for stay, then refund deposit. 


Kind regards

6 days ago

If your photos are not missleading and the representation is proper I would surely keep the deposit/payment based on the cancelation policy. Depends on the deposit amount you took and the commission amount you need to pay for this booking.


The negative side of this situation is that guest can give you a negative score. 


Not sure, but in such situtation this booking should be marked as a no-show since the guest didn't stay at owners place? Which in this case Booking.com may remove a negative review from this guest if posted.

6 days ago