Urgent Cancellaton

Hi all,


A guest booked my home 4 days from now but it got booked a few minutes prior on Airbnb.  I need to cancel it.  I have asked the guest to cancel it 2 days ago but no response.  


What should I do?


You should then contact Booking.com with a request that you are not able to honor this booking due to an overbooking. Penalty fees may apply (commisson amount + possible relocation fees). Don't forget to close availabity after the booking is canceled.


I didn't sync calendars because I have to use third-party software to do so I believe?


I don't believe I have the right to refuse penalties.  After all it is my mistake. I would love to hear more so I know for next time if it ever happens again.


 Thanks in advance.


Syncing calendars (iCal) does not guarantee avoiding double bookings (even when it is working properly) because syncing requires some time and is not done instantly. Always update availabilty manaully when possible.

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You don't need third-party software to sync calendars - all the OTAs like AirBnB, TripAdvisor etc have calendar sync - unfortunately, the Booking.com calendar sync is broken so cannot be relied on.

Some people say to use a channel manager - that might work, it might not - I don't trust any channel manager software because I simply don't trust Booking.com's systems to export data. Therefore, manual blocking is the way forward, at least until Booking.com fix their systems.

Even if you had used calendar sync this time, it might not have stopped the double booking because the bookings were so close to each other. Some OTAs do a real-time check at the time of booking. Booking.com does not.


I use channel manager and in three years got overbooked only once when I received a booking from AirBnB and Booking.com at the same time (1 second apart).


For a better understanding.. if you use CM and you list your property on BDC, Expedia, HRS, HOSTELWORLD and AIRBNB (API connection) the syncing (availabilty, minimum stay, rates,..) will be done instantly. And for me it was working great for the past years. 


HomeAway, TA, AirBnB (iCal) the syncing (availabilty) will be delayed.


Yes. This is issue with iCal. and if we are not in front of computer, it is impossible to sync right away. I hope in the near future the software will do it automatically and we will stop worriyng about it.  I don't think it is our fault. The system in this days should be more intelligent. 

Best guests to all, Marita

M Adamopoulou

Marita, I agree with you 100%

The system should be more intelligent but somebody with intelligence have to programme them!!!

Double bookings are a headache!!! I guess its a part of the game!!!