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urgent! I made an invoice claim and I still do not have an answer, do I have to pay the Booking invoice?

Last April 4, I made an invoice claim that Booking sent me. They told me that they would answer me in 48 hours and to this day I still have no answer. Tomorrow the deadline to pay the invoice for my accommodation ends (04/16/20). Should I pay the Booking invoice? I have sent him two emails explaining the same thing and they have not answered me either. Does anyone know what to do? Do I wait to pay the resolution of the claims? Can Booking penalize me for not paying within the established period? Thank you very much and greetings from Marrakech.


If there isn't anything to pay I don't think you should pay it.  If there is payment on other bookings you should pay that amount.  If you have emailed the help team using the Extranet system they will be able to see there is a dispute.  Not sure what penalties they charge.

Margaret Cuffe

hi i have paid this amount to booking but i have not recieved any confirmation would i need to contact them and on what number