visum question of guest

A client booked my guesthouse and now asks me the following:


Hello vr gr Judith, My Dutch is not good. I will write in English. I ask for your help to make a residence certificate to be submitted to the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia. The letter is to make a tourist visa for guests who will stay in your guesthouse. It's good if the letter has a logo and signature from your guesthouse. They are: 1. ...............y


I do not feel comfortable with this question. Will I be responsible for these people?

Please respond,

Reservation nr: ***

greetings Judith



I totally understand as its not very clear. It could be quite an innocent question as the Visa applicant needs to confirm where they are staying. But so much fraud around. I would ask for clarification before providing the letter.

Aaltje B.

Sorry, Judith

My comments were deleted, since they were not written in English.

But I will repeat briefly: This is not our task to legalise "tourists".

Their motives could be dodgy and second, you don't know them, even though they stayed for three days.

If it were your friends and you can totally agree with them requesting a residence certificate then you can recommend.

It is certainly not easy to get a residence certificate here in New Zealand. All being legit and professional, it took us three years! A long and daunting process.

But can see now why, since we don't want troubles in our country, and I am sure you don't want it either.

Wishing you much wisdom.


Aaltje B.