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Ways to reduce Carbon Footprint!!!

My dear Partners,

Our Planet is suffocating....

Thought to suggest some easy Ways To Reduce  Carbon Footprint:

  1. Start eating less Meat...Let’s give it a try...Australia is crying out...
  2. Unplug Your Devices....too many of them in our homes...
  3. Drive Less...walking is more healthy....take the bicycle...
  4. Don't Buy “Fast Fashion”....
  5. Plant a’s fun and it keeps you in shape...
  6. Eat Local (and Organic) many organic products available...
  7. Line-Dry Your Clothes....especially in good weather they dry in no time and the fresh aroma is fabulous...of course in Greece we are most privileged...

Please contribute  your ideas and suggestions so we can make our Planet breath again...

Take care!!!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry... very good question...

Fast fashion is environmentally disastrous...includes the use of cheap, toxic textile dyes – with the fashion industry the second largest polluter of clean water globally after agriculture.

In Greece, we prefer pure cotton textiles but lately we have many imports from countries that have very cheap textiles...some ladies prefer them because they don’t need ironing but they smell awful since our body suffocates in them.

I cannot see again what I am writing in this comment box.

I wonder why is it so difficult to fix this issue???

So Barry what are your thoughts???




Aaltje B.

Biggest issue with fast fashion is cheap (child) labour. And massproduction of ever changing fashion. 

Even for our sheets. Dont buy poly cotton for your guests. Often not made in your home country.


Same counts for bed covers etc 

I try to go natural. But if it is carbon friendly?? My sheets come from Belarus ! 

Its hard, Maria 


Aaltje B 

M Adamopoulou

Yes, it is hard Ella,

I only buy 100% cotton sheets even if that means that they need more ironing...

I have many hand made knitted blankets from my now its time to use them all...

Thanks, Ella for posting your suggestions.





you iron bed sheets? that's a thing? lol In 44 years never done it. Wouldn't have the patience.

I dry on line so there usually very little creases.


Typical lad

M Adamopoulou

Lady like!!!

When I was young I also ironed shocks....ha.....ha....crazy... not any more because I have problems with my right hand.

Yes, I iron my bed sheets even though I dry them on line.  Even in summertime when they dry in no time and not iron is required.   Linen used by guests are ironed in every detail...