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We have had a booking for 2 nights but the rate's are wrong

The booking number is ****

The booking is for 6 adults for 2 night witch had a rate of £166.25p per night

Total for 2 nights  £332.50p

As the Genius less 15% £49.87p

sub total              £282.62p

You have charged £254.36p

There is a missing £28.26p Why is this With the Covid still on going I am paying a lot more for my cleaning & if you are going to keep doing this I will have no choiser but to stop Using

Please advise of the missing charges



Hi Stephen,


Yes we have all noticed how the rate breakdown on the reservation details page does not seem to match up to how we thought it would work.


Turns out when I asked about this recently they will always offer the better price, and can be a mash up of 2 or more rates.


have a look at the reservation details page , scrool down to the price and click to expand the view to see what the rate plan breakdown by date is to see which rate plans and promotions etc are being applied.


Note: under Genius there is a thing called dynamic pricing, turn that off if on.




Kind Regards.


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