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Dear Partners,

Our planet is suffocating!!!

Fires in Amazon, fires in Africa, fires in Siberia....

Thanks booking.com and Partners for reminding us of some small tips that can make our atmosphere a little better..


s for your vacation rental property

23 Aug 2019 | 

From health benefits to native nature, adding some greenery to your property is a great way to bring some life to any room. We turned to the Community to see what tips green-fingered partners had to share


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Katrina Visser

Travel Writer, Booking.com


Whether you invest in some exotic houseplants or make the most of what nature has put on your doorstep, adding some botanical touches to your property can have a revitalising effect on even the most simple of spaces. Delving into the Community, many Booking.com partners shared their ideas on introducing greenery, from indigeneous blooms to plants with added health benefits. Here are some of our favourite tips.

“Since adding spekboom - which is a South African indigenous plant and very efficient in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - and snake plants plants into rooms, guests would tell me rooms smell fresh, even when the windows are closed on windy or stormy days. “The containers are small, fit well into any spaces and if plant grows too big we cut back and sometimes replant. Spekboom is also edible for the very brave that would love to taste the small leaves. We have a few of them potted for guests to take away as well; it travels quite well in the suitcases of some guests.” - Benita Cyster 

“Flowers: I don't buy them, but when in season I get them from the garden. They are crazy expensive to buy here in New Zealand, so guests will find home-made bouquets.” - Aaltje B 

“We have just put in pots of pencil pines to give our guests privacy without having a wall. So much better, so totally natural and looks lovely too.” - Leannemccarty23 

“When we moved into our cottage which became our guest house, there were these awful dead sticks everywhere in the garden. I remember telling my husband ‘as soon as we are unpacked we are going to pull out all these dead sticks’. The next thing, we got the most beautiful display ever - the sticks became covered in tiny white flowers. This happens twice a year and it transforms these sticks completely. My advice is to wait and see what is in your garden before pulling out anything - you never know, you may be as surprised as we were.” - Pat 

“Last year we planted a new garden landscape around the veranda in front of the house. Further olive trees will be planted, as well as plants around the main veranda. In the autumn we planted three cypress trees to enhance the Tuscan feel of the house and land.” - Pettetm 

“Houseplants are the best roommates! It’s well known that plants purify the air and there are lots of plants that help you sleep. The interesting part is that each plant helps in different ways. Some plants are better at purifying the air and helping you breathe easier in the evening since they release a lot of oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale in our sleep. Aloe vera plants, mother-in-law’s tongue and spider plants are examples of these plants.” - M Adamopoulou

Just discovered this article and thought it would be nice to share it with you my friends !!!!

Bless you all!!!

Katrina Visser…

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for sharing (and for your great tip in the article!). If you'd like to learn more about what Booking.com is doing to support sustainable travel, including environmental conservation, you may like to check out this article on Booking Cares.


M Adamopoulou


Thank you very much for directing me to read the article on Booking Cares...

"......Smaller property owners can help educate guests on their surroundings, directing them to amazing local experiences off the beaten track or guiding them to respect their natural surrounds. Small changes can make a difference. Tourism can be a driver for change, a force for good. Every traveller has good intent, so let’s give them the chance to do so..."

We all must try together to save our planet...articles like this helps us to understand why....

Wish you a splendid day....

M Adamopoulou

Hello ! Katrina,

Nice to hear from you.

Thank you very much for suggestion. I will certainly do.

Wish you a wonderful day.

M Adamopoulou

It seems that not only me love plants!!!

Found this baby turtle in my garden !!! I am giving shelter until it grows up because  magpies loves them also!!!