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We need to close our property from Feb 1st to April 30th. We have one guest booked on Feb. 19th. What can we do

We need to cancel a reservation because we are closing




  1. Contract Guest directly
    1. message Guest -
      1. Response needed by 3pm on Thursday 28th Jan2021. Notice of Property will be closed until at least May 1st 2021. Please change dates of booking or we will have to cancel. Failure to reply by the deadline will result in cancellation.  
  2. Guest can request new dates on their account in main Change the dates of booking if you can if not direct PartnerSupport to do it or ask Guest to contact Customer Support to do it.  
  3. Now in Extranet Property menu > general> snooze property until May 1st.


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We snoozed the property and emailed customer service that we needed to cancel the reservation due to closure. We were informed that we need to provide alternate accomodations to the guests at our cost. :/



thats only if the guest does not agree to cancel or change date, they are not paid to tell you that.