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I have to ask something and I really ask out of interest, beig new to the forum, not trying to be argumentative.

I realise that there are quite important subjects people talk about in this forum, some of them dont make them very happy. Is this forum only here so we can let off steam and feel better after that, or is BdC really listen to partners and change the stuff that isnt working well for us?

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BrookAve 2 years ago

I would say its subjective to the partner you ask.

2 years ago

Hello, wajiha awan! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thank you for your post. It really depends. Community is a pretty flexible and interesting tool. It can be a source of useful information, a way to let off steam, to have a nice interesting conversation, or even debates. Basically, it really depends on what type of community partners want to foster.'s role is to help partners to build the Community, and pay attention to what partners say.