Weekly and Monthly longer stays discounts

Hello! Thats my first try on here so would be amazed if someone would explain me how to setup weekly or monthly discounted rates or any other way to get this done in the same sense, e.g. 10+ day stay or 20+ day stay. Thank you!


You need to use the Room Rate feature combined with minimum stay in the calendar.


RoomRateA (standard price, minimum stay 1 day)

RoomRateB (special price, minimum stay 10 days)

RoomRateC (special price#2, Minimum stay 20 days)


BDC is limited to maximum 30 day stays. (unless homestays are now allowed more?)

It is also possible that the minimum stay feature will not show in the drop down menu within calendar for each rate. You'll need to contact BDC to add the feature and specify how many days you need it to max out to.

Arturas Narbutis

Thanks for that!  

Another enquiry.

Do you have an option like AirBnB has to add extra e.g. Service Fee for Cleaning for the whole reservation (not per night).

Arturas Narbutis

Also, I do not know why but you have a login bug guys. On login screen after entering email then pressing NEXT and on the next screen instead of asking for a password it says FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD title, it just doesn't give an option to put in the password. Really weird! Needed to save the initial login link to be able to login to your system.

Also, if we hold the same account for the traveler and a host how do we switch in between of them in your system?