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Weekly False/Pretense bookings

Dear Partners,

Every week for the last 4 months, we have been receiving 1-3 false/pretense bookings via this webite.

We, and our staff, are finding this extremely annoying as we have been unable to easily contact to ask for their assistance in resolving this matter.

We are wondering if any other partners are having / or have had a similar experience? 

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Sonstbbs 2 years ago

Hi Masjud9,

We too have had a run of bogus first came to my notice on a 'no show'...I then saw a pattern...The booking is simply a Mr or Mrs, no John or Jane. Always for one night for 2 people. Always with a contact number that doesn't exist.

I have had 10 bookings now since early April.

Each time I find one I message Booking .com and on the whole they have cancelled the booking as being part of their suspicious pattern.

When they message back saying they can't cancel it I just open the room back up manually & mark it as a no show.'s solution....for me to charge on booking. This is not something I'm prepared to do as I have many one nighters and advance bookings and 99% of these stick so I'm not going to make changes to my system just for these few but remain vigilant when I receive new bookings.

By opening the room back up manually you still have the option for bookings but just keep the messages to BDC on going so you have proof of the bogus bookings as and when you speak to someone willing to help you out.