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Welcoming more domestic travellers

Dear partners,

More and more we are seeing guests taking time to explore the nature, beaches, and outdoor activities their home countries have to offer. 

Are you noticing more domestic travellers? How are you helping them explore their home country? 

If you haven’t yet tapped into this audience, these tips might help you attract more domestic guests to your property. 



M Adamopoulou

Thank you Sergei for very helpful tips...


Unfortunately, we are in a strict lockdown in Greece.

 No movements are allowed even for Christmas time...


Hopefully New Year will be a more promising year so will have your tips in mind....


Wish you all the best.

Aaltje B.

Hi Maria 


Thinking of you!! 

So you can't have guests at all? 

I have a two day minimum stay, otherwise I spend too much time cleaning. 

It is a challenge my dear. 

Wind is a big enemy of the virus. So keep opening these doors ;)


Wishing you a very merry Christmas with your loved ones, despite everything, keep your light shining. Keep singing. 


New Zealand greetings 

Aaltje (Ella) B

M Adamopoulou

Hi Ella,

Thank you so much  for your comforting words.


I have a 6 day min. you very well said...too much cleaning and worries...


The wind does help...

Since we live in the country we are fortunate to have plenty of it...

Every morning we open our doors and leave them open for a long time...our beautiful sunny weather helps..


My dear Ella, I am afraid we will not be allowed to have Christmas with our children since they live in Athens...

Wish you the very best for Christmas🌲 and may this Year be full of goodies for you and your family.


Stay safe...stay healthy...stay happy...



Aaltje B.

Great idea the 6 day min. stay. 

Hope you do get lovely guests.

Sending you many blessings, lots of sun AND wind ;) 

Many diamonds for the new year too. 


XX Greetings Aaltje B. 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Ella for your blessings!!!


Diamonds are girls best friend!!!


Take care!!!