What discount do partners get when we book on Booking.com?

We have a number of properties listed on Booking.com and I always find that when traveling to each site I prefer not to stay at my own property but instead book at a neighbour property for my stay.

What discount is available to us as partners of Booking.com who also book on Booking.com?

Haley Eder

Dear Fai/Shaz,

There is no partner discount. However, we do encourage you to sign up for the Genius program, as there a 10% discount is automatically given to any member, and additional benefits and discounts can be earned through the program.

Thanks for your valued partnership,


Fai / Shaz

Hi Hayley, thanks for the response. I'm not sure if you're able to access my group partner card to see how many properties we have with you and/or see our total current commission bill (which is over 20K this month alone). It's quite shocking that all you're able to offer someone with an account as big as ours is no different to your lowest spending booker