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What to do with new guests who have symptoms of Corona?

Hi all,

I’m kind of preparing for after corona and for when we can reopen. No I’m thinking on what to do if a new guest shows up at the reception with symptoms of Corona, like cuffing, temperature (we’re putting in place a system to measure temperature for everyone entering our building).

For direct bookings, that’s pretty simple, in the booking confirmation I’m adding a text that access to the hotel can be refused upon check-in.

But what with bookings from If I refuse access, I’ll have to find another hotel for these guests and perhaps pay additional costs etc…

Did anyone think about this? Or read something on on how to handle a case like that?


Stay safe all and in good health,


Kind regards,


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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

This is a really good question.  There is a Featured conversation regarding 'How to prepare for situation after back to normal.  I think it would be good to put this on that conversation for people to think about and comment.

De Beek Anno 1410 2 years ago

Answer from

Dear Partner, 

You can't refuse a guest based on the assumption he/she might have the virus. 

Obviously, this is a difficult area overall, but it could be interpreted as discriminating against guests from a particular area.

It is not permitted to request medical proof ( violence of privacy). However, if it is likely that guests may have transferred in FM-countries, there is an argument to be made for asking the guests about their itinerary prior to visiting the property and almost every country has been in FM now.... It's a sensitive subject and can be seen as discriminating or violence of privacy. 


Besides this it might be government will give us clear instructions what measures you can take and how to handle these cases. For now it's still unclear for travel industry within Belgium. 

I recommend you to check all information about the virus via

I also recommend to make clear which measurements you are taking to make sure everyone is safe for instance taking temperature etc... this way guest won't be surprised on arrival. More info how to communicate this:…

Hope this information helps. 

Stay healthy, Partner Services