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What do you do when you're ill?

Soooo...Saturday morning I woke up to what felt like a bruised arm...did all the turnarounds that were necessary then notices a red rash from my elbow around my tricep and up to my armpit! Took myself off to the local medical centre where the doc told me it was cellulitis...causes puffiness, itching and they drew around the rash and said go back if it home I came with a course of antibiotics...but in the meantime I also managed to severely crick the bottom of my back (think it was the chairs at the med. centre!!) I'm in agony...I had a group of 11 motorbikers in on Saturday night and luckily kids and husband were around to help with breakfasts.

I was lucky not to have any new arrivals yesterday so apart from putting a couple of loads of towels on to wash mainly slept.

I was just about to send a text message to the friend who helps me clean the rooms when I got a message from her daughter that she was in hospital!!!

I had 5 arrivals today and woke early and literally made the beds up etc on my kneed until my daughter woke up and could help (thank goodness it's the Easter Break!) But my husband has his own business he runs so can't lean on him during the day.

So I have been methodically plodding up and down the 4 storey building bent over at 45 degrees like some aged hag!! Can't do anything other than get the rooms done...slowly, slowly

What have other owners experiences been when feeling under the weather...obviously those with staff can delegate but there must be many 'one man bands' like interested to hear



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Shikwari Game … 3 years ago

I can't imagine doing all that myself and then also being sick. I have staff to help. Don't you have housekeepier to do this?? I never clean or wash anything so if I am sick all goes smoothly