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What do you wish you knew about property management way back when?

Hello partners,

At least once in your lifetime you must have had the wish to re-enact your past — knowing what you know now — and take advantage of all the experience and knowledge you’ve earned over time.

Well, I’m afraid we don’t have a time machine to go back in time, but we can offer a community full of partners that have been there before and can help you with any questions or circumstances. 

We are still curious to know: If you knew what you know now, what would you change or do differently?

Looking forward to your comments!

Don Burns

I started with Airbnb when I first opened my home's downstairs rental guestrooms in June 2018.  But my Airbnb bookings dwindled a few months later.


I should have also registered my guestrooms on other booking websites when I began, including Booking,com, FlipKey, Expedia and TripAdvisor.


Now, the majority of our guest reservations are made through Booking,com, followed by Expedia.

Isle of Wight …

When told us that we had to take "a certain number of booked nights" before we were allowed to take a damage deposit by bank transfer because they didn't trust us, I wish I'd known what a serious risk this was to our property and to future bookings - guests from stayed and trashed the property.


When I did the calendar sync between and other OTAs, I wish I'd known that the calendar sync didn't work properly. I had a lot of double bookings because of failures.


When support said "We are here for you", I wish I'd known that they weren't. I could have saved myself many hours of wasted time trying to get answers from


I wish I'd known that the best way to launch a new property is to list it on AirBnB / TripAdvisor for a few months to get bookings and good reviews, before listing it on The reviews on other OTAs help to generate a lot of bookings where we get paid quickly and have the protection of damage deposits, and means less reliance on


I could go on, but better things to do ....

M Adamopoulou

Since I am a newbie with very little experience...

I wish I had discovered this forum and fellow partners earlier...

Their experience, suggestions, helpful tips, decorating ideas, helped me understand what hosting is all about... 

It makes me sad  that many  partners with huge experience in the tourism industry don’t have enough time to share their thoughts and valuable information with us any more. 

Thanks  to Forum Partners I truly survived in this demanding industry!!!


Richard Chacon

Hi Sergei,

May I ask you for some help/advice?

I need some kind of advice!

My Hotel registration is completed but

never finish it at all. I never receive the Registry confirmation.

What should I do?

Best regards,

Richard Chacon


Hello! Thanks for posting in the Community. Have you already received the verification code? And when did you start your registration process?