What does it take to be a good host? and working/living on site Father.

For me, One must be every thing to every guest.....My Title: President, CEO, CFO, Office Manager,
Book keeper, Advertising Manager, Sailing Instructor, Concierge, Psychologists, Ordained Minister,
ECO Tour guide, Maintenance Man, Gardener, House keeper and to my kids who have lived on site and helped me thru the years, I am Father,
Mr. Mom, Doctor Dad, Want-a-be Dentist, Seamstress, Maid, Cook, ATM.

M Adamopoulou

Well sai Paul. Hosting means sharing and carrying... Positive actions combined with positive thinking makes you a better host...
Have a nice day...


When I became a host, I was very surprised and still shocked from time to time what people do actually demand from hosts!

My ideal host:
1) respects my time
2) gives clear instructions on how to get to his place and what are exact procedures (how to get the keys, if any extra payments needed, cash or card, etc)
3) provides contact details and best way of communication (Airbnb has such feature, why Booking doesn't?)
4) respects my privacy (hosts entering my bedroom - it happened to me few times)
5) tells me if he wants to chat with me or doesn't want to be bothered by me. I would prefer, if host tells me about his expectations and mood for communicating rather to play magician
6) doesn't cheat me (must pay because a foreigner, environment fees and newly created innovative fees, forgot how to speak English, staff went home and only she knows where your security deposit and all other crazy games that are not my wild fantasies, but actual experience)
7) refrains from racist comments, doesn't discuss religious and political matters unless I ask him to do so