What should i do to make my property more visuable????

Mashi Niwarthana

You must complete all the amentities. And check all the times your property by yourself through the google.

Cheers from SriLanka

Shikwari Game …

Make sure you have the best photos possible and you must show the bathroom, the bed and bedroom, any special features and the exterior. Also show the amenities that you complete on the list.If you can add some of the amenities from the list that you don't have it would improve you listing. I find that guest appreciate slippers and gowns, fresh ground coffee and French Press and I make homemade cookies and do turndowns with homemade nougat. You can also offer a better commission to B.com they then put you further up on the list for your area.

AG Lodging

I assume that you are a new partner and that you just opened your property.

At the beginning, you have to make extra effort to start, but once when the ball start rolling there will be easier.

First, check your ranking on site (Analytics -> Ranking on Site). It will show your rank compared to number of properties in your area. For example, 200/1000 means that there are 1000 properties in the area and your is 200th. If it shows something like 800/1000, this is the reason why it is not shown within first results.

If this is the case, there are lot of ways to improve the popularity. I will not go into details here, just to list some of them:
- share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ...
- use visibility booster
- offer some promotion
- make a web page and put the property link on it
- create a Facebook page and put the property link on it
- ...
You can find many ways how to improve your property performance. In couple of months, come back here and tell us that you have so many guests and bookings :)

Good luck!