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What Top Tips do you do to giving guests a wow?

It would be lovely to hear what colleagues do to give guests a WOW experience when they are with them.


Namaste and warm greetings from Ai boutique Hotel, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.

I would like to suggest partners to offer some extra service to customer like free room upgrade, free breakfast, complimentary pickup facility and at check in nice welcome drinks to customer staying in hotel.

Devendra karki

Managing Director

Ai boutique Hotel

Heidri Saayman

Good day from 7 on Marine boutique hotel in Hermanus, South Africa.

At 7 on Marine, a la carte breakfast is included in the stay and we always offer free parking and free wifi. During winter low season (May-August in the southern hemisphere) we offer a free room upgrade where possible and warm welcome drinks. 

For honeymooners and guests celebrating an anniversary or birthday, we have complimentary special treats such as rose petals, sparkling wine/MCC, or a cupcake and birthday card and even a birthday song at breakfast.

Heidri Saayman

Owner 7 on Marine

Mr Spence

Well, it has taken me a while to figuer out what makes a 10 review and what makes an 8 review and like most things in this life, the score can be greatly influenced, ok, maybe not Guranteed, but certainly influenced by your WELCOMING MANNER.

Talk, talk about their Journey to you, talk about their visit and what they hope to do, then show them around your Property/Room, point out things like the switch for the bed light is just by the bed side and the Shower is already set, you need to just put this switch on, yes, Good Fluent Waffle can work very effectively, if they feel that they have an Emotional Tie to you then the chances are they will feel some compassion when reviewing your Accommodation at the end of their stay.

Lastly, small but sincere touches, maybe a small glass with [Wrapped only] chocs by the bedside and some bottled water, but remember one thing which is Cast in Stone, everyone loves a cuppa, so make sure whatever you do to have a Welcome Tray with Coffee/Tea/Milk/Sugar and Do Make sure that the Kettle can be filled from the Sink, silly I know, but easily overlooked items like this can frustrate the hell out of Guests, a bit like having a place to hang cloths but no hangers to put them on.

Finaly do make sure you check back with them that same day if they checked in early or the next morning, send them an SMS asking if everything was all good and if they needed anything at all that your door was always open and for them not to hesitate in contacting you.

Keith Spence Owner 


We offer a free welcome wine/beer/softdrink. There are cookies with the tea/coffee facilities and a bowl of toffees on the table. Free WIFI, courtsey van to/from dinner/event and show a genuine interest in what they are doing.  And if they are celebrating a special occasion a card or small gift. Above all a clean warm room on arrival and lights on if after dark.

Mr Spence

Hi Reservenz, sounds good, but my guessing is that your Property Score is still way off a 10, otherwise you would not be seeking the Golden Grale, am I right?

Mr Spence Owner


We are a 9.7 and for the past 6 years have been between 9.6-9.9. Our  official rating by Qualmark (NZ Tourism) is 4+star and a Silver Enviro Award. :-)