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What is your Search Results Score and how you incease it?

If you login to Extranet > Analytics > Ranking dashboard you would see your "Your Search Results Score xxx out of yyy."

All my properties are basically at the end, like 240 out of 260. So this means my properties is not visible on search results so often as other properties. However clicking on Property > Property Page Score I have 100% on all my properties. I have a lot of amenities listed. These properties were listed 1-2+ years ago. All listings has Genius program enabled with 15% discount. For some of properties I have enabled Flexible - 1 day cancellation policy. I have open calendar for next 3-4months, min-stay for further dates are 3-4 nights, for nearest dates 1-2 nights.


So my question what is your Search Result Score? Have you ever tried any techniques to increase this Score number and did you succeed?

What factors do you think are most important for having higher Score and what factors are negatively effecting this Score?  


Sharon Powney

I agree that it can be frustrating.  You can pay increase commission by using the 'increased visibility'.


Yes there is a Visibility Booster, so you can set higher percentage. If I am correct if you enable Visibility Booster there will be small icon near your listing saying that "this property spend a little extra to visibility" or something like that. But when looking listings in my city, I don't see many of these icons, so this means these properties are not using Visibility Booster. Have you tried to use Visibility Booster and saw change in Search Results Score?

Isle of Wight …

It's all about the discounting .... or rather, it's all about encouraging you to use discounting. It's all a big con. Ignore the ranking. Search on and you will see your property. If you can see it, others can too. No need to boost your ranking with more discounts and lower earnings.