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what's the future of our country, Tourism in Marrakech after COVID19 ? How can we restart our activities ?



It's was really difficult for us to show all our bookings cancel quickly,  it was like nightmare, Now we are unsure of border opening, or when is will open how can we be competitive?

I'm really afraid for the future, how can we manage this situation, i feel really sad to show my dream became in few month like nightmare, all my properties empty we don't any forecast, 


Please, your advises


Best regards



Riad ghali & spa

Riad abaka by ghali

Riad abaka by ghali annexe


There are a couple of conversations on the 'Featured' list talking through issues like this.  It is one of the reasons for the Partner forum so we can help each other.  Marrakech is such an amazing city and hopefully you are all well.