Where can we alert others of bad guests?

I have no idea what to put this under but I am wondering why booking.com do not allow us to review guests and thus know when the troublesome ones book.

I would like to warn others of a young Korean Lady.

For two months she ignored all my messages and phone texts.  I translated into Korean to help but nothing. I then at some point received a two word message about time of arrival which did not make sense.   Booking.com told me I had to wait until the latest check in time on that day in the hope they would still be coming.  They turned up 2 hours before first check-in when the floors were still wet and cleaning not finished.  They spoke little English and came in carrying huge pieces of water melon which they dumped on the nearest surface whilst I suggested they remove them to the kitchen. 

Two days later I received an early morning text saying they were at the airport but had realised they were a day early and still had another night and could I come back (one hours drive) to let them back into the apartment.?  Fortunately my neighbour had a key.

The following morning they left and my apartment door was left swinging open.  My neighbour looked in and found all the lights on, windows open, no security shutters brought down,  bedding thrown around floors along with rubbish littering surfaces and floors.  We arrived to find spills and stains on cushions, every surface sticky and dirty, hob severely burnt on, bottles not removed  from bins, dishes not put away and clean linen for sofa bed tossed about where they had slept just on the sofa just  in my covers. They had also opened jars and bottles in the kitchen cupboard without using so we had to throw them away.  Beach towels were returned damp and dirty to the cupboard (lucky I realised).  Not only were they dirty and inconsiderate but put the security of my apartment at risk and caused us an enormous amount of hassle.

I could never recommend these guests but there is no-way I can warn people as we cannot review them.


Am I allowed to give the name of this person?????


Isle of Wight …

Use the Report Guest Misconduct button or link in your Extranet ....

And remember .... Booking.com protect the guests ***


Thank you I looked for a button but did not know where to find it.  I wrote to admin who said they sympathised with me. Right!

Who is going to warn other hosts about these people?  Why are they not taking them to task?

What is the button under please?  I thought I tried each option0


M Adamopoulou

In your Reservation tab find the reservation you want and at the bottom of the page there is a bar that states misconduct guest.

Hope you find it.


Thank you for this, I seem to have missed it completely.


Somebody changed the title of my listing to bad guest review  Who can do this please?

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Hi Janefryer ,

Your post title was edited by me due to its content. This space is all about sharing your expertise with others, naming and shaming goes against our community guidelines

Thanks for your ongoing participation. 



I see!  That is why I did not name anyone but would like to know where there might be a public space where we can do so in order that others can cancel if this person should book.  I seem to think that Booking.com will not block such people from booking.

Isle of Wight …

I have suggested that because Booking.com do not care about owners and do not want us to have any protection, it is better if we have our own independent forums .....


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It would be so nice if booking.com could be more supportive to hosts and help with this issue!