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Where I find my pin number


   I am trying to call, and am told that I need my pin number. Do you know where I will find it??



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Myat Noe Oo 1 year ago

Hi Mary,

You mean property number? When you call to customer service, you may need to enter your property number followed by hash key. (Eg: 123456#)

Your property number can be found on the top left-side of your extranet. There you will find your property name & property number.

gardenview8.ho… 1 year ago

Thanks for the responses! I will follow the directions you gave! It does ask for

both a property number and a pin number when you call customer service.

Hopefully, I will get some answers when I reach out to Booking.

Thanks again!


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Han Thomas 2 months ago

I have the same question.  It's impossible to contact without this pin number, but they made it impossible to find.   I'm really done with using booking dot com.  :(